Each month, RE/MAX Professionals receive a market update from Alan Smith to share with your spheres, farms, clients and prospects. Cast a wider net and create a deeper level of trust and brand awareness by following up with a mailed postcard. It’s super easy and HIGHLY effective at positioning you are the expert that you are! 

Now Available – Market Update Postcards!


The RE/MAX Professionals Monthly Market Update postcard program is back!

Affordable and Easy To Use!

No Long-Term Commitments
No Sign-Up Fees
No Cancellation Fees

Minimum of only 75 Postcards Per Month

Mailed Postcards – 91 ¢ ea.
Pricing for mailed postcards includes free set up, front and back color personalization, printing, address imprints and postage.

Un-mailed Postcards – 59 ¢ ea.
Un-mailed postcards must be ordered in batches of 25 and there is a shipping fee of $6.35 for orders up to 150 and $12.35 for orders of more than 150. Postcards are shipped via USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes or boxes.

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