Marketing Assessment 2018-05-03T13:48:12+00:00


  • Clearly define your business (and personal) objectives.
  • Discover what is standing in the way of their achievement.
  • Define their importance.
  • Find your unique selling proposition.
  • Discover what your perfect client looks like.
    • What is their point of pain?
    • How can your product/service relieve that pain?
    • Why is your solution better than the one they are using?
  • Learn how to use a sales funnel to discover your real client needs.
  • Once you define your needs in terms of suspects, prospects, leads, and clients:
    • Learn the difference between the available marketing tactics.
    • Discover the most efficient, direct and cost effective tactics to use for your situation.
  • Learn how to create a marketing calendar and begin filling your funnel.
  • Discover quick and easy methods to track your clients, programs, and results.