Association and Non Profit New Member Onboarding

While some of this may sound simple, it eludes many associations and winds up wreaking havoc on member approval ratings. We help you make sure the right procedures are put into place and stay in place.

Make onboarding warm and fuzzy. Show appreciation from the get-go.

First impressions may get members in the door, but what you do next drives long-term loyaltyor doubts. Thankfully, if done right, onboarding can be a snap. And were here to help you do it right. Plumb Marketing offers onboarding protocols that make the process almost run itself. Keys include:

Fully developing the process so that it does most of the work for you. Once theres a clear and consistent track to follow, onboarding is streamlined and your members will feel well cared-for along the way.

Contact, contact, contact. Just as real estate relies on location, location, location, association membership is about frequent and substantive touchpoints where you reach out to members. Developing and maintaining a well-conceived communication program is essential.

Encouraging constant communication from your members. New members need to feel comfortable reaching out to you as well. Make it known early and often that you’re there for them.

Grow Your Association While Shrinking Your Workload™

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