Association and Non Profit Membership Renewals

Give us the chance to help you make new members old members without overspending on time or money!

You Got Em. Now Keep ‘Em. Member Retention Is The Heart Of Association Success.

Growing membership is a precious commodity. But, it often comes at a high price a lot of time and money spent to gain those new members. If your association is challenged in Associations that cant keep their members happy die a slow death. For a while, it can be masked by an influx of new members. But over time, negative feedback propagates. With social media ready to pounce literally on a moments notice along with random reviews from anyone on influential sites, the clock is ticking ever faster on associations with unhappy members. Fortunately, there are key predictable ways to keep members coming backand we can help you make the most of them. Two primary examples are:

Use the same energy keeping members as you did to attract them. Too often, the most prolific perks are offered to get people in the door not keep them there. Incentivize present members with offers that are theirs alone, not copycats of a new member incentive campaign.

Ensure that you’re meeting individual member expectations and needs. Commonly, the biggest problems with existing members stem from lack of acknowledgement or personalized attention. Even if there are issues, showing genuine concern for resolving them is often much more than half the battle. (Caution: Don’t use these check-ins to up-sell randomly; you can wind up engendering more hard feelings than if you had done nothing.)

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