Association and Non Profit Event Marketing Support

Make your events all they can be. So that members appreciate all that your association can be to them.

Are your events noteworthy or non-starters? Association events should be purposeful, not perfunctory.

Events done for the sake of saying you’ve done them are counterproductive to membership satisfaction. Lackluster events convey a sense of apathy and lethargy to members…and attendees. Events should give your members a high-profile opportunity to show their wares, while showing you care. At the same time, events typically are extremely time-, energy- and resource-sucking affairs. So what can time, energy and resource starved associations do? Let Plumb Marketing carry the load, leaving you with kudos for a job well done. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Plan, coordinate and kit marketing schwag, like water bottles, t-shirts, bibs and bags.

Handle direct marketing of the event to all pertinent audiences, including list acquisition, design, print, mail and track.

Secure banners, posters and other event marketing collateral.

Manage and ship event components directly to participants.

Grow Your Association While Shrinking Your Workload™

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