The New Year Motivates People Into Fitness. Will They Think of Your Gym? 


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Use postcards for direct mail results…

It´s time to stand out using postcards. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your prospect. The simplicity and impact of a well-designed and well-written postcard can do that faster than just about anything.

Plus, it keeps on messaging as you lay it on the desk and come back to it because of its appeal.

Postcards get attention. While there are times when you need a larger piece or multiple pieces in an envelope to detail your message and offer, postcards are a great marketing tool to cut through the clutter more often than not. Your printed message competes with all media…not just printed media. Postcards stand out among all this “noise.”

It has been said that most people open their mail over the waste basket. A postcard doesn’t need to be opened so the message, or at least the headline, is read inadvertently prior to discarding whether the recipient wants to or not. An oversized, full-color postcard will many times attract more attention than an envelope. Let the recipient read your message while they are deciding which envelopes to toss into the waste basket.

Use postcard marketing to send your message both literally and visually while the reader is deciding what other pieces they want to discard. Don´t hide your message, broadcast it.