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Creating that essential emotional connection with your clients and prospects just got a whole lot easier…

Out of the box gift ideas from Plumb Marketing

What is The Sensory Marketing Box?

Think of it this way… the more deeply you can connect emotionally to your clients and prospects, the more likely they are to remember your company’s brand, products and services. Recollection leads to repeat business and long-term loyalty.

The Sensory Marketing Box is a gift box to serve as a highly personalized, sensory engaging marketing tool that you present to clients and prospects to secure more business. It has several applications, including: client gifting, personalized marketing to prospects, proposal delivery, thank you gifts, new client onboarding, team member recognition…the uses are endless and extremely effective.

Triggering the emotional response using The Sensory Marketing Box will increase closing ratios, ensure client loyalty and improve employee retention. We can customize these boxes according to industry, branding and specialties to ensure every box you deliver is received with delight and impact!

The Sensory Marketing Box places your prospect and customer experience way above your competition. This is a powerful way for any company to ensure engagement with clients and prospects that are meaningful and compelling, all leading to more business.

…and is one more way to lead “Straight to sweet results.”