Medical New Mover ImageNew people are continuously moving into Denver, Colorado communities. With 14% of Americans on the move each year and over 77,000 new residents to Colorado alone in 2017, the opportunity to market to new movers is greater than ever!

Main Benefits to a great new mover campaign:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Engagement with Hospital/Clinic
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing

The Plumb Marketing New Mover Program Includes:

  • Monthly list procurement of new residence within a targeted zip code.
  • Initial mailing with 1st Aid Kit and Welcome Message to the new resident for 1st month.
  • Monthly postcard mailer to the list for an additional 2 months.
  • Online integration for better response, using Google remarketing and Facebook pixels to show mailer messaging online to your mailing list.
  • Unlimited mail tracking to see exactly when your campaign will hit mailboxes. 

Plumb Marketing can also provide graphic design services, call tracking, mail fulfillment for ongoing communications and more!

Other programs to invest in for effective hospital marketing:

  • Newly insured
  • Moms – research shows that the women in the family make most medical decisions. Direct mail reminders, E-newsletters and social media are great places to reach her.
  • Look alike audiences – Most hospitals have data that shows services that are their highest revenue and profit centers, along with demographics for the people these services serve. Lists can be built off of this criteria that can then be marketed to, both offline and online.
  • Community health management programs – By serving the needs of the community’s overall health, a hospital or medical clinic can align with the issues of most concern. Programs such as awareness for smoking cessation, weight loss, depression, heart disease, stroke and others that a health facility may offer are a great place to concentrate marketing efforts for return on investment.
  • Mammogram reminders – target women 45+

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