There is so much focus in today’s marketing world around internet marketing. We receive at least ten emails a week for offers to optimize our website, develop more keyword strategies, run pay-per-click ads, set up more social media networks…There are now so many different ways to market yourself yet the principles around marketing have not changed that much over the 22 years that we have been providing direct response marketing services. We think it is important to remember some of these core values, regardless of where your message is delivered. Here are 4 that we live by each day:

  1. Know your customers. Understanding their goals, pain points, offerings, even their team can make a huge difference in what you say to attract more like them. The relationship that occurs as a result of really knowing and understanding your clients also leads to more retention, better service and happier customers. And happier customers refer their friends.
  2. Marketing technology and tactics change. The goal to drive in leads, increase brand awareness, increase the client base and improve retention does not. Depending on your marketing function, writing down the goal to each campaign, then applying tactics and technology is the best way to maximize results.
  3. Keep marketing even after someone becomes a client. So often businesses think that their marketing department is only for driving in new business, not increasing average revenue and improving retention of existing clients. While your marketing department should be externally focused, be sure to create an environment where they can support your sales and customer service teams with customer communications and upselling scripts.
  4. Know, like and trust are still critical components. If you provide great service, open communications and always over deliver, your customers will rarely “shop” around.

In what other ways do you bring traditional marketing values into your sales, customer service, and marketing departments?

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