Gratitude practices, and the idea of expressing gratitude in general, have been permeating our newsfeeds. Research has shown gratitude builds empathy and relationships and improves your health and self-esteem. And, gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated.

Using gratitude in your marketing has benefits as well, such as increasing clientele, improving customer loyalty, and creating more optimism and feelings of happiness. Who doesn’t want that? So, what are some ways to express gratitude, genuinely, in order to build joyful customer relationships?

Demonstrate Kindness

How can you show kindness to your clients or prospects? Kindness can be demonstrated in your marketing language that is based on invitation rather than obligation. Use words like: “We appreciate you thinking of us when you have X needs.” “Thank you for coming by!” This article overviews a study of marketing language that steers away from standard “obligation” wording. It concludes that marketing messages with gratitude result in a better customer opinion of the business, and an increased likelihood of both spending money with the company, and referring others.

Be Inclusive

Being inclusive means inviting wide variety of people who make up your ideal client base to do business with you. Let them know they are welcome. Use marketing images, language and scenarios your prospect will identify with. This can include diversity of race, family structure, abilities, age, etc., but it is most important to connect with them as they see themselves. Does your client love the outdoors? Whether or not that’s related to your business, connect with them on that. Does your client have children? Find ways to show that you care about what they care about. Your marketing should be more about your client than about you.


Listening to your client, and your prospective client helps you to better understand them, and therefore better market to them. How good does it feel when you are heard and understood than ignored? Don’t do that to your customer. Listen to feedback, listen to their interests, find commonalities and connect on that deeper level.

Offer a Gift

Most people enjoy a gift – whether tangible, or a coupon, special event, or knowledge. Consider what would be of value to your client or prospect and provide that. Be intentional. Don’t just offer something because you think it’s a great idea. Keep your client in mind and give them something they see as a value.

Check in

Have you ever had a friend call just to say hello, or that they were thinking about you? Do you do that with clients or are you always trying to sell them something? Touch base with your clients and prospects every once in a while to ask questions and listen…to see what help they may need and provide it, if possible and realistic.

Be Generous

Is there a way to demonstrate your gratitude through give-back? Can you be generous with time, money or talent? Some companies offer community service days where they volunteer time in the community to make it better. Others give a portion of revenue. Even others donate materials or time for a specific cause within their wheelhouse of skill or knowledge. Where can you share you (and build your reputation in the meantime)?

Say So

Finally, if you haven’t said, “Thank You”, start now. Thanksgiving is a great time to do a direct mail piece to clients to thank them for their business and referrals. But don’t stop there. Are there staff, vendors, or service providers you can give a shout out to?

Gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated, and the benefits are so wide-spread, adding a practice (or two) is worthwhile. Share with us some of your examples of gratitude given or received and the benefit it offered you. And, if you are looking for ways to build more gratitude into your marketing, talk to a Plumb Marketing professional about printing, promotional products and direct mail campaigns designed with gratitude in mind.

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