We hear so often when working with small business owners, “How do I justify the cost of marketing?” We challenge this thinking by responding, “How do you justify not investing in your brand?” Marketing is not just a simple equation. Often, money out does not have a direct correlation to money in. Of course, we are not saying marketing spend should not be drawn back to positive results. Instead we pose that marketing efforts done well, lead to more then just a direct sale. Here are a few results you can expect when investing correctly in your business marketing efforts.

Increased Revenue

Generating leads is usually the first objective of a marketing plan. Leads turn into prospects. Prospects turn into clients. However, without brand awareness, likeability and trust, turning those prospects into clients can be a larger challenge.

Increased Brand Awareness

Imagine that every “cold call” you or your sales team was met with a response like, “I know you!” How much easier would it be for you to break down barriers, uncover objections and solve the problems of your prospect. By investing in marketing, you ultimately warm up your market place long before a phone call or email is ever delivered.

Shorter Sales Cycles

Once your market place becomes hyper aware of your offerings, they often call in ready to do business. No longer do you need to spend hours of time uncovering needs of the consumer. Instead, they come ready to tell you their issues, needs and problems, ready for you to solve the problem.

Less Shopping

When you spend time, money and energy marketing your products and services, a level of trust begins to emerge from the market, especially if you are consistent with positioning your business. When a prospect appears ready to do business, they have often already “shopped” for their desires. You will spend less time competing and more time delivering. Just make sure your delivery is top notch or that coveted prospect will start to look around again.

The most important aspect to great marketing is starting with a plan. We can help by walking you through our complimentary one-hour marketing discovery meeting. If you need a deeper dive, we even have a marketing playbook that walks you through all of the elements of marketing, from market identification to product feature/benefits to message and tactic. Contact us today to get your marketing started on the right foot. And quit thinking about justifying your spend and start thinking about investing in your company.

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