In today’s technologically dependent world, you might think that traditional direct mail marketing is no longer effective. There’s no denying that people rely on their email accounts for a large portion of their written communications, but investing in reliable direct mail services will give you a number of advantages over email marketing alone. Here are some of these advantages:

Get Noticed

If your inbox is like mine, it’s smart. It sorts my email before I ever have a chance to see it. It learns my open habits and files emails accordingly. I have a “clutter” folder that collects email and I get notified periodically that there are messages in there. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be seen with email alone.

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to really be noticed. Consumers and clients must sort through the mail, touch it physically and decide whether or not to read or throw away. The more interesting your direct mail pieces are, the more attention you’re going to get.

Just today I received a large brochure and sales letter in a 9×12 “static free pouch”. Do you think I opened it to see what was inside? You bet! Once a recipient gets “inside” your direct mail piece you can drive them online to respond to an offer, drive them to your location or get them to respond in a number of attention getting ways.

What you send to your customer prospect should be tailor-made to their wants, desires, fears and interests. Email should do this too, but email is increasingly becoming much more difficult to be seen.

Fill it with Good Content

Your direct mail efforts would be wasted if you have nothing worthwhile to say or offer to your loyal customers. Aside from personalizing content, you should fill up your packages with good content. That should include a letter with a good sales pitch and other promotional materials, perhaps with testimonials from other satisfied customers. You may also include freebies from your company as a little token or a special gift for your customer. This could leave your customers looking forward to more benefits, and will encourage them not to treat your mails as junk. Because direct mail is dimensional, you can get really creative and interactive.

Impress With Your Presentation

It’s not always enough to have good content. Emails can seem a bit bland and boring to your readers, which would make them want to skip it (emails should include links to videos and other content rich sites). You can go all out with the wow factor on your direct mail to ramp up the level of presentation with the help of direct mail fulfillment companies like Plumb Marketing. For example, you can use customized, brightly colored envelopes to catch your customer’s eye, develop a dimensional mail piece that goes in a box or larger package. Maybe you can use unique fonts, patterned card stock or promotional item inserts to make things more interesting. You should also make use of quality digital and offset printing for clear and attractive prints. Focusing on smaller more targeted lists will also allow you to create higher end pieces that will demand attention

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