Direct mail is more effective than email. Why? Because direct mail gets noticed when people check their mailboxes, which, by the way, is almost daily. This tangible marketing method, when targeted and personalized, isn’t over diluted like email marketing is.

Using direct mail along with your email campaigns has been shown to improve the results of both, so, how can you begin to incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix?

Start with a good list. This can be a list you purchase, or your own current customer list. The more personalized the direct mail, the more effective it will be, so consider who you want to communicate to and make sure the message you deliver to them is relevant.

Get clear about your goals. When you are clear about your goals, you can better track your results for those goals. If your goal is to create engagement, for example, you may want to consider direct mailing customers who don’t open emails. Use tracking numbers and landing pages to see when those who received your direct mail pieces take action, then measure that against your goals.

Think expansion. Consider new mover mailers for those who relocate into your service area. Think about sending birthday mailers (super personalized!) to your current customers. Plan a follow-up campaign to customers who received quotes but didn’t buy. Sending communication to prospects and customers should be strategic in order to get the return on investment you are looking for.

Use automation. Targeted lists, personalization, and combining direct mail with digital marketing ensures your message is heard. This is called multi-channel marketing. It creates automated paths that keep you top of mind with your customers and prospects in a variety of mediums.

Automation also means you can set parameters in place and then let it run behind the scenes, filling your pipeline while you continue to work in and on your business. An example could be automatically triggering mailers to customers who haven’t shopped with you in a certain time frame, or who went to the website but didn’t complete a purchase. A direct mail piece could be the tangible touchpoint needed to complete the sale.

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