When was the last time you saw an advertisement introducing a product or service then immediately went out and purchased that item? Never right? Or at least rarely does this occur. Then why is it the we so often put out one marketing piece then sit back and wait for the business to come pouring in? We place the challenge before you to consider your marketing to be a system that involves components, testing and tracking to maximum efficiency, creating a multichannel marketing program. Not sure how? We have some ideas.

Consider how your consumer purchases. Then determine the touch points that are possible throughout their decision-making process. Is one Facebook ad enough? Will a car flyer do? Usually not. Instead, a multichannel approach is needed.

What is a multichannel approach? Simply stated, it is the practice of interacting with consumers using multiple methods of communications sharing a single message. This type of marketing strategy may include traditional channels, such as TV, radio and direct mail, as well as new media like email, blogs and social influencers. Whatever the media mix may be, one thing holds true. Almost everyone gets mail delivered to a physical mailbox. And you do not need permission to mail someone (unlike most internet techniques.)

This phenomenon is an excellent catalyst point to begin your consumer’s journey towards purchasing your goods and services. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports direct mail receives a 4.4% response rate, which can be 10 times higher then email. Now imagine that response leads the consumer to your website to learn more. Remember, 94% of website visitors do not purchase on the first visit. So while they are visiting, a cookie is delivered to their computer and they begin to see your offerings on social media, search engines and 3rd party websites, all due to remarketing. An advertisement appears on their Instagram feed while an email is delivered sharing the same message. Another postcard arrives a few weeks later, reminding about a pending expiration date. Do you have a sales team? Pick up the phone and make the offer in person.

By using this type of multichannel approach, you are incorporating effective and affordable marketing tactics that lead to high returns, more clients and a marketing system you can repeat.

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