Direct mail is big. Bigger than you might think. According to the 2011 USPS Revenue, Pieces and Weight Report, businesses sent 84 billion pieces of direct mail. In fact, 51 percent of all mail sent that year was direct mail.

Direct mail is the crisp tide on which businesses surf to profitable glory every year.

Direct Mail Keeps You in Touch

So, how can direct mail help you gain new listings and sell properties to prospective buyers? It’s simple: direct mail can get you personally in touch with the very prospects you most want to target.

Customers are likely to interact with a piece of direct mail longer than other forms of communication, such as Twitter or email. According to Craig Simpson of Entrepreneur, prospects are more likely to trust direct mail too. Direct mail is extremely effective if you do it right.

Let’s explore what “right” looks like.

Ten Tips for Success

  1. Know your buyers and sellers. Do your targeted buyers want patio homes or starter residences near good schools? Do your desired listings want to sell fast or maximize revenue gained from a thoughtfully planned sale? Do you truly know what your prospective buyers and sellers want? If yes, you’re halfway home. Your direct mail should address your prospects’ specific needs with clear, on-point messaging.
  2. Target or segment your mailing list. Once you know whom you want to reach, target your mailing list to send your mail to the right demographic. Trouble zeroing in on the right prospects? Try using a list curation service. Have competing prospects? Plan to send more than one mailing. The more specific you are with your messaging and mailing list, the more likely your desired prospects will respond.
  3. Personalize it. Buyers and sellers will respond to your direct mail if your piece communicates directly to them. Inserting a prospect’s name into the mail isn’t enough anymore. Use data, such as prices of nearby homes that have recently sold, unique home showing tips, or satisfied local homeowner testimonials to personalize your piece.
  4. Keep your content short and friendly. Deliver your message quickly using friendly, simple language. Prospects want to list their properties with realtors they trust. Start building that trust with the tone of your direct mail.
  5. Use a clear call to action (CTA). Want prospects to call you? Say, “Call Today!” and repeat the message at least 3 times in your mailer.
  6. Nest one CTA in a P.S. Research shows that direct mail users read a “P.S.” portion of a mailer first. Make sure to include a clear call to action there if relevant to your direct marketing piece.
  7. Provide multiple response routes. Give buyers and sellers more than one way to get in touch. Some will use your phone number, but others may prefer to reach out via email or text.
  8. Hire a professional designer. The images and the layout of your direct mail can get your piece read or tossed into the recycle pile. Ensure the quality and effectiveness of your mailer design by hiring a professional.
  9. Get a little techie. Try using a QR or quick response code in your mail. QR codes are a great way to get your prospects to open a specific web page advertising an open house or maybe view a video of an amazing property listed on the MLS. Find out more about QR codes. Want to take to an even higher level of technology? Use a video market update program that includes a postcard mailer to show off your industry knowledge!
  10. Track it. Decide in advance how you will measure the success of your direct mail campaign. Do you want to increase sales or get a certain response rate? Include a trackable QR code on your mailer or train your staff to record how many calls you’ve received as a result of your campaign. Check out this article for more information about tracking response rates.

For best results, don’t give up! Use more than one of these ideas and use them more than once. Read our past blog to avoid common mistakes with direct mail marketing.

Finally, integrate your direct mail initiative into a wider campaign that includes email marketing and social media. More people will trust your Realty expertise if they hear the same message from more than one channel.


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