We’ve all received direct mail postcards as some time in our lives. Maybe it is our curiosity to see what’s new or what deals we may snag, or the colors that engage our interest, but something draws us to them. It’s for this reason business owners, especially those in the home and home repair services, have been relying on direct mail marketing for decades to provide consistent, predictable results.

Today’s technology is helping direct marketing mail campaigns be even more successful. This is known as multichannel marketing – the ability for a company to be seen both on and offline in an easy and strategic way. Postcard direct mail is an affordable and effective way to provide offline exposure to your company to homeowners, including new residents, in the area you serve.

With that in mind, we wanted to offer a few tips for postcard direct marketing success.

Target. Buy or use your own targeted list, such as your customer database or homeowners within a specific zip code you serve. With this targeted list, create dynamic personalization such as using the person’s own name rather than a generic term whenever possible. This personalization creates better results.

Track. Be sure to have a process or system in place that tracks the success of the campaign. You can use specific discount codes, landing pages, tracking phone numbers or more. Often a customer will research you online and report that’s how they found you, making your results look less than accurate. Using specific tracking can help overcome this.

Tracking that allows you to see when your mail campaign is actually landing in mailboxes will also help you get more accurate engagement numbers.

Tantalize. Make your postcard interesting with a great attention getting headline and relevant, quality photo. Be compelling by letting them know that you really understand their needs and your company’s ability to meet that need for them.

Tighten. Keep your message brief and easy to understand. A postcard doesn’t allow a lot of room for long stories. Grab attention, make the message digestible and then…

Tackle. Determine the ONE thing you want the recipient to do and ask them to do it. Do you want them to call and schedule an estimate? Do you want them to go online and read your reviews? Direct them to one action and then track that action to gauge the responsiveness.

When you hire Plumb Marketing, you aren’t simply hiring a direct mail provider, you are hiring a full marketing team equipped to support your multichannel marketing, postcard printing, tracking, and design needs. Our turnkey programs use the best technology to help you reach your goals easier and more affordably than you imagined. Contact us today for more information and a quote.