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Plumb Marketing Team

As a company, Plumb Marketing has some pretty specific things we believe. We believe first and foremost in the success of our clients. We believe that providing clients results will help their business succeed, and bolster the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of these businesses we have fun working with. We also believe that we cannot do it without the contribution of every team member we have. We all welcome the opportunity to meet and collaborate with you in any way we can!

Lynndell Epp

Who We Are

Since 1996, Plumb Marketing has helped clients travel “straight to sweet results.” Sounds good, right? But what does that really mean?  

In its purest, simplest form, “straight to sweet results” means providing straightforward, results-oriented, profit-promoting marketing solutions to businesses—results that aren’t filled with trendy terminology or excess cost. 

Today, a positive customer "journey" is just the new term for putting oneself in a customer's shoes and understanding their experience. Some may perceive it as some radical new idea, when in fact, it’s been a cornerstone of commerce for eons. Merchants provided topline service and support as a matter of course. And customers/clients responded largely with loyalty and longevity. 

Bottom line, we’ve embraced a common sense approach since the day we opened, along with a commitment to helping our clients travel the straightest line possible from marketing concepts to revenue-generating results. 

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Our Team

We are just as loyal to our team as we are to our clients. In business since 1996 Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) is proud to say many of our team members have been with us for the long haul. A mix of both long time veterans of the Print and Marketing industries and a few additional fresh sets of "eyes" help to contribute to a dedicated group of folks out to serve our clients in the most honest and hardworking way they can.

Lynndell G. Epp Lynndell G. Epp President
Briana L. Epp Briana L. Epp General Manager
Shara L. Hubert Shara L. Hubert VP Sales & Marketing
Dan Shaver Dan Shaver Account Services Manager
Matthew Thomas Matthew Thomas Production Manager
Connor N. Grothe Connor N. Grothe Client Acquisition Manager
Gary Trujillo Gary Trujillo Data Analyst/Digital Print Coordinator
Aimee L. Ritz Aimee L. Ritz Accountant
Kim Pheng Kor Kim Pheng Kor Production Assistant
Kathy Pino Kathy Pino Production Team Lead
Marie Vigil Marie Vigil Production Assistant
Steven Genereux Steven Genereux Production Assistant
Gonzalo Garcia-Beltran Gonzalo Garcia-Beltran Truck Driver/Production Assistant
Angela Brown Angela Brown Account Manager
Brittney Dimery Brittney Dimery Accounting Department
Lisa Haas Lisa Haas Marketing Manager
Patti Teklits Patti Teklits Account Manager
Tom Bigham Tom Bigham Data Analyst/Digital Print Coordinator
Yvette Sauceda - Lindsey Yvette Sauceda - Lindsey Office Coordinator